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in 1998, get together foundation visited the salem day care center. we witnessed 30 children aged 4-5 participating in a storytelling session. they sat on a cold, gray concrete floor in the middle of the room. when they stood up, you could see the dust caked onto their clothing. we immediately contacted educational consultants who assisted us in the selection and purchase of a new reading area complete with a classroom activity carpet as well as a full library section. six weeks later we watched the same group of children read their new books from a comfortable, cozy educational activity carpet. we don't know which was warmer - their bottoms or the way we felt inside.

Judd Gerber, President, Founder
Judd is the president of one of the leading national educational tour companies: Gerber Tours, inc. In addition, he served as president (2004-2005) of the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), a non-profit, professional trade association that represents the interests of student and youth travel throughout the U.S., Canada and internationally. In 1995, Judd founded the Togetherness Corporation with hopes to motivate his peers to become involved in his quest to renovate the impoverished educational structures within New York City. His goal of "leveling the playing field" to mend the gap of inequity in education quickly inspired the birth of Get Together Foundation for the Children. Since established, thousands of disadvantaged children have benefited from the donations and efforts of Judd and his supporters. Judd's aspirations go beyond the boundaries of New York City; he is hopeful that one day this country's education quandary will be a non-issue. Judd holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Delaware, and resides in New York City.

Russell B. Scarcella,Vice President, General Council
Raised in Long Island, New York, Russell is a graduate of the University of Florida, and received his Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School. He is currently a Senior Associate with a commercial litigation law firm in New York City. Russell originally became involved with the foundation through his friendship with Judd, shortly after the creation of The Togetherness Corporation. It took one visit to Irving Place Child Development Center to see what these children were so desperately lacking, and the smiles on the children's faces when the Foundation's first donation was made, to make him a life long advocate, dedicated to making a difference.

Ty Jones, Chair - Grant Committee
Raised in East New York, Ty received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Delaware. He is both an award winning actor and screenwriter. In 1996, Ty returned to his old neighborhood and walked into Irving Place Child Development Center, only to find encyclopedias from 1961, virtually no available reading materials, and beautiful children whose outlook on life was slowly diminishing. He was profoundly moved, yet he felt helpless to assist. He realized these precious children were going to be tomorrow's problem. It was then he knew that his work with Get Together Foundation for the Children was to make sure they become tomorrow's promise.

Jason Sheller, Chair - Corporate Sponsorships
Raised in Southern New Jersey, Jason is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island, and is currently a Director for a national technology consulting firm. Jason became involved with the Foundation in 1999 after attending a fundraising event. It was not long before Jason was completely engrossed in the Foundation's cause, and a short time later that he was elected to the Board of Directors. Says Jason: "I got involved because I wanted an outlet to give to the most valuable part of our community...our children. Not only does the Foundation allow me to help children in a way that I enjoy, but I get the opportunity to see first hand the results of our hard work."

Albert Foreman
Albert is a Senior Vice President for JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services and heads Business Development for the Private Equity Fund Services (PEFS) business. He is responsible for sales and product development for PEFS. Albert joined JPMorgan in 2005. Prior to joining, he served as Director and Global Head of Business Development for Vitech Systems Group, Inc. (Equitrak), where he was responsible for selling enterprise class private equity software and consulting engagements. He served as a senior business development executive at Virtual Growth and was a Director and Vice President in the Citigroup Private Bank. He holds a Juris Doctorate from the Arizona State University College of Law, a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Connecticut where he was a United Technologies Finance Scholar. Albert Foreman is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association.

Jody Gronowetter
Jody is currently a recruiter for a major investment firm in New York City. She has been an affiliate of Get Together Foundation since 2002. Her role in the foundation is paramount, as she is a key force behind the coordination and planning of the major fundraising events. In her own words, "It's an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an organization which is powered by people who are so committed and determined to meet our mission…to give advantage to disadvantaged children." Jody is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University; she resides in New York City.

Jill Mar
Jill Mar, from Shelby Township, Michigan, earned a Bachelors of Business Administration from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. She currently works a Credit Analyst for an asset management firm in New York City. Jill originally became involved as a volunteer with the Foundation because the organization provides a direct avenue to positively impact children's lives.  She personally believes that the early years of a child's life are an extremely important point of educational development when children learn healthy habits that will stay with them and empower them to overcome any disadvantages they may encounter.  To that end, it is essential that children have access to all of the necessary tools and equitable educational material to begin their lives on a level playing field. Jill is excited about her position as a member of the GTF Board of Directors and is looking forward to making a meaningful and significant contribution to the children of NYC.